4th Aug 2016: New release of C3-5 short cadence data

Reprocessed short cadence target pixel files for K2 Campaigns 3, 4, and 5 are now available for download.
This release corrects the short cadence pixel calibration bug previously described in the Global Erratum for Kepler Q0-Q17 & K2 C0-C5 Short-Cadence Data (KSCI-19080).
No other features of the files or the data processing have changed. The long cadence data are unchanged.

12th Jul 2016: K2 campaign 8 data available

The K2 campaign 8 data is now available. We hope you have time to look at it even though most of KASC is at the KASC9 workshop in the Azores.

12th Jul 2016: Follow the TASC/KASC workshop on twitter

You can follow the TASC/KASC workshop on Twitter under the hashtag #spacetk16

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