The Kepler Asteroseismic Science Operations Center provides asteroseismological data from the NASA Kepler and K2 missions to astronomers who are members of the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium (KASC).

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22nd Apr 2020: Data file access problems

Due to some network problems in Aarhus, the KASOC website is currently experiencing problems with accessing data files on our file-servers, so download of files is currently not possible.
We are working hard on fixing the issues, and apologize for the inconvenience!

21st Feb 2020: Scheduled maintanence on Wednesday, 26th February

On Wednesday 26th February 2020 between 9:00-17:00 CET there will be scheduled maintenance of the computer systems at Aarhus University. This means that data downloads from the KASOC website will be unavailable during most of this timespan. We apologize for the inconvenience.

27th Jan 2020: Scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, 29th January

On Wednesday 29th January 2020 you may experience some downtime of the KASOC website.
This is due to scheduled maintenance of the Aarhus Astronomy Data Centre (AADC) servers, which hosts KASOC.
After the update, we will be back with an even faster and more secure website.
UPDATE (31/1): The maintenance ran smoothly with minor interruptions to the website, and we are now running on a new and improved system.

Kepler & K2 News

9th Apr 2020: K2 Campaigns 12 and 14 reprocessed

Two years ago we announced that we were undertaking an effort to reprocess campaigns 0–14 using the same version of the Kepler/K2 pipeline used for C15 and subsequent campaigns. This version introduced several new features and improvements, such as more sophisticated pixel calibration, better identification of spacecraft pointing …

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16th Mar 2020: Transition of User Support to the NASA Archives

User support and news updates have transitioned to the NASA Astrophysics archives that host Kepler and K2 data — the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) and the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI). Below are ways to get updates from each archive, where to find useful information, and how to contact …

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12th Mar 2020: MAST creates Kepler and K2 software page

The Milkulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) has created a page listing software related to the Kepler and K2 missions. The page includes a listing of software package, a brief description, the author(s), a link to the repository, and any associated references and/or documentation.

https://archive.stsci.edu …

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Recently published scientific publications

  • Hideyuki Saio: An astrophysical interpretation of the remarkable g-mode frequency groups of the rapidly rotating $\gamma$ Dor star, KIC 5608334
    Updated: Mon 10th August 2020 08:54.
  • Jessica Schonhut-Stasik: Robo-AO Kepler Asteroseismic Survey. II. Do Stellar Companions Inhibit Stellar Oscillations?
    Updated: Tue 14th July 2020 01:54.
  • Simon J. Murphy: Finding binaries from phase modulation of pulsating stars with Kepler: VI. Orbits for 10 new binaries with mischaracterised primaries
    Updated: Wed 1st July 2020 02:40.
  • Tao Wu: New Insights for High-precision Asteroseismology: Acoustic Radius of KIC 6225718
    Updated: Tue 9th June 2020 03:30.
  • Tao Wu: An independent asteroseismic analysis of the fundamental parameters and internal structure of the solar-like oscillator KIC 6225718
    Updated: Tue 9th June 2020 03:29.
  • Gang Li: Gravity-mode period spacings and near-core rotation rates of \starnumber $\gamma$ Doradus stars with Kepler
    Updated: Sun 31st May 2020 04:34.
  • Gang LI: Period spacings of $\gamma$ Doradus pulsators in the Kepler field: Rossby and gravity modes in 82 stars
    Updated: Sun 31st May 2020 04:34.

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