The Kepler Asteroseismic Science Operations Center provides asteroseismological data from the NASA Kepler mission to astronomers who are members of the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium (KASC).

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23rd Jan 2015: System Maintenance work @ Sat. 31 Jan. 2015

Due to system maintenance work, starting at 00:01am (Aarhus time) and lasting until about 2pm (Aarhus time), the KASOC server kasoc.phys.au.dk will not be available during this time.
The KASOC team.

8th Jan 2015: K2 Campaign 1 data available

Data from K2 Campaign 1 is now available for download in the "Data Search" facility and will shortly be available as pre-zipped bundles as well under "Bundles".

25th Nov 2014: CoRoT3/KASC7 presentations available

Presentations, videos and photos from this summers CoRoT3/KASC7 conference in Toulouse are now (finally) available. You can find them here.

Kepler News

28th Jan 2015: Astronomers Discover Ancient System with Five Small Planets

Astronomers using data from NASA's Kepler mission have discovered a system of five small planets dating back to when the Milky Way Galaxy was a youthful two billion years old.
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21st Jan 2015: Astronomers Discover First Multiple-Planet System From K2

Using publicly available data, astronomers may have confirmed K2's first discovery of star with more than one planet.
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6th Jan 2015: NASA’s Kepler Marks 1,000th Exoplanet Discovery, Uncovers More Small Worlds in Habitable Zones

How many stars like our sun host planets like our Earth? NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope continuously monitored more than 150,000 stars beyond our solar system, and to date has offered scientists an assortment of more than 4,000 candidate planets for further study -- the 1,000th of which was recently verified.
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Recently published scientific publications

  • P. Moskalik: Kepler photometry of RRc stars: peculiar double-mode pulsations and period doubling
    Updated: Sun 25th January 2015 20:25.
  • Amanda P. Doyle: Determining stellar macroturbulence using asteroseismic rotational velocities from Kepler
    Updated: Wed 21st January 2015 16:55.
  • G.R.Davies: Asteroseismic inference on rotation, gyrochronology and planetary system dynamics of 16 Cygni
    Updated: Mon 12th January 2015 09:02.
  • Othman Benomar: Determination of Three-dimensional Spin–orbit Angle with Joint Analysis of Asteroseismology, Transit Lightcurve, and the Rossiter–McLaughlin Effect: Cases of HAT-P-7 and Kepler-25
    Updated: Sun 11th January 2015 00:30.
  • Donald W. Kurtz: Asteroseismic measurement of surface-to-core rotation in a main sequence A star, KIC 11145123
    Updated: Mon 5th January 2015 14:38.
  • R. Silvotti: Kepler detection of a new extreme planetary system orbiting the subdwarf-B pulsator KIC 10001893
    Updated: Mon 22nd December 2014 11:14.
  • B. Mosser: Mixed modes in red giants: a window on stellar evolution
    Updated: Thu 4th December 2014 07:42.

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