The Kepler Asteroseismic Science Operations Center provides asteroseismological data from the NASA Kepler mission to astronomers who are members of the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium (KASC).

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31st Oct 2018: Goodbye Kepler

Goodbye Kepler. You will be missed!
We can all take solace in the fact that the amazing data you have provided us will keep up busy, making new discoveries, for years to come.
Now, take a well-deserved rest - you have earned it!

21st Aug 2018: TASC4/KASC11 Conference Material

The slides, posters and photos from the TASC4/KASC11 conference in Aarhus, Denmark has now been made available on KASOC and TASOC. If you have any other material, like good photos you took during the conference, feel free to e-mail them to us and we can include it on the page.

4th Jun 2018: K2FOV Tool updated

The K2FOV tool has been updated to the newest version (8.0.0), which includes the coordinates for campaign 20.

Kepler & K2 News

7th Nov 2018: K2 Campaign 18 data release notes available

The data release notes for K2 Campaign 18 are now available online. We encourage all users to review the notes.

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30th Oct 2018: New white paper: Scientific Opportunities with Kepler & K2 Archive Data

The Kepler and K2 missions have provided an unprecedented data set with a precision and duration that will not be rivaled for decades. Even though the data has already contributed to nearly 2,500 scientific publications so far, the scientific community continues to extract new discoveries from the archive data …

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30th Oct 2018: New in Lightkurve: the Periodogram class

This month in Lightkurve, we have added a Periodogram class, which provides a quick and easy way to create Lomb-Scargle periodograms from LightCurve objects.

Periodograms can be used to find stellar rotation rates, or the oscillation and pulsation frequencies of stars. They are commonly used in asteroseismology to identify oscillation …

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Recently published scientific publications

  • C. Aerts: Forward asteroseismic modeling of stars with a convective core from gravity-mode oscillations: parameter estimation and stellar model selection
    Updated: Sun 2nd December 2018 10:33.
  • K. J. Bell: Coefficients of variation for detecting solar-like oscillations
    Updated: Wed 7th November 2018 17:03.
  • T. Kallinger: Nonlinear seismic scaling relations
    Updated: Sun 4th November 2018 10:04.
  • B. Mosser: Period spacings in red giants IV. A complete description of the mixed-mode pattern
    Updated: Mon 29th October 2018 15:38.
  • Maria Pia Di Mauro: The rotational shear layer inside the early red-giant star KIC 4448777
    Updated: Thu 20th September 2018 12:11.
  • Jie Yu: Predicting radial-velocity jitter induced by stellar oscillations based on Kepler data
    Updated: Thu 6th September 2018 06:20.
  • C. Gehan: Core rotation braking on the red giant branch for various mass ranges
    Updated: Wed 29th August 2018 11:43.

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