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31st Oct 2018: Goodbye Kepler

Goodbye Kepler. You will be missed!
We can all take solace in the fact that the amazing data you have provided us will keep up busy, making new discoveries, for years to come.
Now, take a well-deserved rest - you have earned it!

21st Aug 2018: TASC4/KASC11 Conference Material

The slides, posters and photos from the TASC4/KASC11 conference in Aarhus, Denmark has now been made available on KASOC and TASOC. If you have any other material, like good photos you took during the conference, feel free to e-mail them to us and we can include it on the page.

4th Jun 2018: K2FOV Tool updated

The K2FOV tool has been updated to the newest version (8.0.0), which includes the coordinates for campaign 20.

Kepler & K2 News

17th Jul 2019: Incorrect pixel-level calibration of short-cadence TPFs for some C2R, C3R, and C5R targets

There is an issue that affects the calibrated data in some of the the short-cadence target-pixel files (and resulting short-cadence lightcurves) for the most recent C2, C3, and C5 deliveries (Data Releases 21, 26, and 31).

What is it?

Previously we announced that the short-cadence data for some targets in …

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20th Jun 2019: K2 Campaign 1 reprocessed

A year ago we announced that we were undertaking an effort to reprocess campaigns 0–14 using the same version of the Kepler/K2 pipeline used for C15 and subsequent campaigns. This version introduced several new features and improvements, such as more sophisticated pixel calibration, better identification of spacecraft pointing …

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16th May 2019: New Astronomy Reviews Special Issue on Kepler's Exoplanet Firsts

To mark the tenth anniversary of the commencement of Kepler science operations, New Astronomy Reviews has published a Virtual Special Issue containing articles that describe the stories behind several of Kepler's seminal exoplanet discoveries and methodological innovations.

The issue contains the following contributions:

  • Editorial: History of Kepler’s major exoplanet …

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Recently published scientific publications

  • Elham Ziaali: The period–luminosity relation for δ Scuti stars using Gaia DR2 parallaxes
    Updated: Thu 18th July 2019 04:14.
  • Elham Ziaali: The period-luminosity relation for delta Scuti stars using Gaia DR2 parallaxes
    Updated: Thu 18th July 2019 04:13.
  • Savita Mathur: Revised Stellar Properties of Kepler Targets for the Q1-17 (DR25) Transit Detection Run
    Updated: Tue 2nd July 2019 17:18.
  • B. Mosser: The seismic performance
    Updated: Sun 5th May 2019 23:03.
  • G. Houdek: Damping rates and frequency corrections of Kepler LEGACY stars
    Updated: Fri 3rd May 2019 22:20.
  • Earl P. Bellinger: Stellar ages, masses and radii from asteroseismic modeling are robust to systematic errors in spectroscopy
    Updated: Wed 13th March 2019 18:16.
  • Travis S. Metcalfe: Understanding the Limitations of Gyrochronology for Old Field Stars
    Updated: Fri 8th March 2019 23:26.

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